Our professional team, which closely monitors the new US law “MoCRA” for your cosmetic products, supports you in all the necessary legal processes to place your products on the market in the United States. We ensure that your cosmetic products comply with the all the legal requirements so that they can be placed on the US market. We also regularly inform and advise cosmetic manufacturers on how to ensure that your company and your products on the market continue to comply with applicable regulations.

Our consulting services include:

  • Ensuring compliance of your cosmetic products with MoCRA
  • Facility Registration
  • Cosmetic Product Listing
  • Cosmetic product file evaluation
  • Regulatory compliance checks of formulations
  • Label evaluation and regulatory compliance assessments of marketing claims
  • Serious Adverse Effect Reports
  • Cosmetic Product Safety Substantiation
  • Storing records on your behalf
  • Informing cosmetic manufacturers by following regulatory research and updates

To receive consultancy services on ensuring your company’s compliance with the MoCRA law, you can contact us via e-mail: