About us

About Us

As Macro Professional USA, we provide a comprehensive and professional consultancy service for brand owners and cosmetic manufacturers who want to market their cosmetic products in the United States. In accordance with the Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act of 2022 (MoCRA), we provide U.S. Agent and consultancy services to brand owners and facilities.

Why Macro Professional USA?

⦁ Expertise and Know-How
⦁ Effective Communication
⦁ Tailored Regulatory Strategies
⦁ Maximum Efficiency
⦁ Confidentiality and Discretion
⦁ Global Regulatory Insight
⦁ Proactive Compliance Management
⦁ Innovative Problem Solving
⦁ Strategic Resource Utilization
⦁ Industry Network and Relationships


With the philosophy of “Human Health First”, we report the safety of the products offered to the market with our experienced and professional team. We see the companies we work with as our business partners, and we serve them at low cost with high quality and fast solutions.


Today, we know that cosmetic products have an important place as medicine and must be presented to the market with sensitivity. By following the regulations, guidelines and new developments in cosmetic products, we help manufacturers to offer products that are safe and show the necessary importance to human health.